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Donate to the Rescue

We Help Numerous Dogs Each Year By Finding Them New Homes , Getting Them Vetted ,Treated For Illness Or Injuries And Spay And Neutering.. Each Of Our Rescue Dogs And Puppies Are Given A Full Health Check And All Shots Up To Date. We Pay For Complete Care Of Them Till They Are Adopted. All Of This Cost Is Paid For By Our Rescue  , Donations Keep Things Running And Helps Pay For The Sick Or Injured Dogs And Puppies, Without You We Could Not Pay For  All TheVet Bills And Needs Of Some Who Need A Little Extra Care  And Vetting .These  Babies Did Not Ask For The Situations  They Find Themselves In And Many End Up With Heart Worms And Other Problems That Are  Expensive To Treat . So Please If You Find It In Your  Heart To  Help Our Dogs And Puppies We Appreciate It And So Do They  . We Are A 501c3 And All Donations Are Tax Deductible. Our Paypal Account Is 

Thank You From Us And Them  



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